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CMA designs a management program that directly caters to your Condominium or
Homeowners Association’s needs. The following information outlines

the foundation of services that CMA provides to community associations.


CMA provides a comprehensive financial statement every month including full reports to support the totals on the Balance Sheet. This keeps accurate books of accounting reflecting income, expenditures, and bank reconciliations. 



CMA maintains your Association records with conventional filing methods to serve as data preservation, verification of actions, and development trends.  We also use Village Management Software (VMS), a  to maintain a history that is accurate and easily accessible. CMA also acts as the liaison between the owners and the Board.



Regular visits to the property allow our managers to identify the community’s
needs a
nd continually
check on the Association’s vendor performance.

Our maintenance division, Maintco Pro STL, provides professional and
quality service and repairs.


Emergency Service Program

CMA provides a 24-hour, 7-day emergency telephone service for vital support systems to the Association.  


In More Detail...

  • Review bills, utilities, contracts and process checks for payment

  • Prepare monthly financials showing all income and expenses

  • Reconcile all bank accounts and provide interest rate benefits

  • Prepare next year's budget for Board approval

  • Collect assessments from owners and review accounts for collection activity

  • Follow collection procedures, send late notices, and notices of intent to create liens

  • Assist the Association and its legal counsel for collection of debts

  • Provide records to professional CPA tax preparer for annual tax returns

  • Prepare check if applicable and send to Federal and State

  • Assist the Association with Insurance Brokers

  • Make sure policies in place are as required by Governing Documents

  • Process any Insurance Claims for the Association

  • Provide information about the Association to Seller, Buyer or Real Estate Agent

  • Maintain resale certificate and lender questionnaire information and provide Trustee Letters to the title companies

  • After notification of sale, record new owner information in database

  • Provide new owners with move-in packet giving property information and payment coupons or other options to remit Association fees.  



  • Develop and maintain filing system for the Association’s important papers

  • Maintain files for resident communications, contract and financial information

  • Maintain forms for corporate status with the State of Missouri

  • Prepare or advise Association in preparation of communication dealing with business matters between the Association and residents, contractors, agents, governmental officials, or other entities

  • Arrange for mailing of newsletters, notices, or other articles to owners

  • Prepare documents for Annual Elections and Meetings with handouts

  • Prepare Agendas and copies of items to be sent for Board meetings

  • Receive owner requests and relate them to the Board, respond to phone calls from owners needing information

  • Receive and distribute architectural requests to Board and advise owners

  • Assist the Association in the development of reasonable and enforceable rules and architectural review guidelines

  • Receive written complaints regarding rules and investigate as required

  • Inform in writing residents who are in violation of rules, take actions consistent with Association’s policy and offer direction to Association regarding responsibilities

  • Submit documentation to legal counsel on behalf of the Association

  • Attend hearings and courts on Association matters



  • Conduct inspections of property to ascertain condition and needs

  • Prepare work orders for prompt response to requests

  • Obtain competitive bids for non-emergency services

  • Submit recommendation and assistance to Association Board for review

  • Obtain Certificates of Insurance from contractors

  • Send finalized contracts to contractors, work with scheduling of events

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