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"As President of our subdivision, I could not be more pleased with CMA. Its service is superior and I have yet to experience anything other than complete professionalism in resolving any issues. I couldn't serve my community effectively without CMA."

-Charlie Foxman, March 2019

"As President of our Association,
I cannot say enough wonderful things about our representatives from Community Managers Associates, Inc. in St. Louis, MO. They go above an beyond to service our community and I'm proud to partner with them. I would highly recommend CMA for all of your community needs. Our association has a decades long relationship with CMA and I hope they remain in our community for many years to come!"

-Lori Collins, March 2019

"I am the President of the HOA for a community of 248 homes; it's a mix of traditional homes and Villas. The Villas, in particular, have a large number of services included in their monthly fee so keeping the community upscale and residents happy presents a considerable challenge. CMA and Jessica Goodman in particular have done a wonderful job and make the trustees job relatively easy. I highly recommend CMA as a community management provider."

-Ed Etzkorn Feb. 2019

"Jodi Rovelto is our property manager, and she is FANTASTIC! She is works very nicely in harmony with our HOA Board. She is good at anticipating our needs and is very responsive to our requests. She is very helpful in our decision-making process, including warning us when a decision on our part might lead to a potential legal risk to our association. Jodi is willing to tell us the truth, even if the truth might be painful to us. We believe we have made some excellent financial decisions because of her guidance, including raising our HOA fees $40/month to pay back three years of deficits in our very important Reserve Fund. I feel like Jodi has a very good understanding of the unusual needs of our community, given the fact that half of the homes are villas (duplexes) and the other half are row homes (townhomes).

We have one home owner who has been extremely ABUSIVE to every property manager our community has ever had, and to every member who have ever served on our HOA Board. Jodi has been exceptionally kind in dealing with this woman, and has given us helpful advice in dealing with this woman as well. That alone proves to me that Jodi is an exceptional property manager!"

-Dale Howard, Board Member, Jan. 2019

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