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One of the cornerstones of CMA's services is Physical Community Maintenance.


We recognize that every homeowner association in our portfolio
has different needs, requirements, and budgets.
We work with your Board to create an individualized maintenance plan that
will meet your short and long-term goals throughout the seasons.

The following list of services can be provided when requested by your Board
and budgeted for in your annual agreement.

  • ROOF:  Check for leaks. Check for damaged, loose, or missing shingles. Check vents and louvers for birds, nests, squirrels, and insects. Check flashing around roof stacks, vents, and skylights for leaks.

  • CHIMNEY:  Clean and check for deteriorating bricks and mortar. Check for leaks. Check for birds, nests, squirrels, and insects.

  • GUTTERS & DOWNSPOUTS: Clean and check for leaks, misalignment, or damage, missing splashblocks.

  • EXTERIOR WALLS:  Check for deteriorating bricks and mortar. Check siding for damage or rot. Check painted surfaces for flaking.

  • OUTSIDE FAUCETS: Inspect make sure no hoses attached.

  • FOUNDATION: Inspect visible areas, vents, and ducts for cracks, leaks, or blockages.

  • WINDOW WELL COVERS:  Inspect for damaged or missing.

  • WINDOWS:   Clean, Caulk

  • HANDRAILS: Make sure secure, paint.

  • CONCRETE & ASPHALT: Check for cracks or deterioration. Reseal or repair if necessary.

  • LANDSCAPING: Inspect shrubbery, tree limbs, branches, or debris that can attract insects (no wood or shrubbery should be closer than 3 inches to house). Maintain grading.

  • RETAINING WALLS: Inspect for missing or loose stones/tiles.

  • DUMPSTER ENCLOSURES: Inspect gates for proper functioning.

  • MAILBOXES: Inspect for missing numbers, scrolls, paint, etc.

  • SHUTTERS: Inspect for loose or missing.

  • GARAGES: Inspect for leaks, drywall, door knobs, ceiling tiles, etc.

  • FENCES: Inspect

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